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Photos of Guhen with Princess Royal
The Japan Times’s article introducing Guhen


Endorsement from John Grinder, a co-founder of NLP
Endorsement from Tarka King
Endorsement from Guy Clutterbuck

Video Clips:

Extracts from the videos filmed at Guhen’s workshops


* Photos of Guhen with Princess Royal:

When Guhen lived in the UK, he had extensive connections with the British upper class, and co-ordinated the dispatch of an international rescue team led by Princess Royal to Japan after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake.

The photo below shows newspaper articles to report Guhen co-ordinating the event where the Japanese governmental representative handed a thank you letter to the Princess Royal.

* The Japan Times’s article introducing Guhen:

Guhen was featured in The Japan Times Newspaper on 13 November 2010 as one of “Asia’s 100 Next Generation CEOs”, along with Tetsuya Ebata, President and CEO, All About; Yukio Fujimaki, President and CEO, Fujimaki Brothers Ltd; Akira Takata, President and CEO, Japanet Takata Ltd; Hiroshi Sato, President and CEO, Bookoff Corp.; Hiroshi Sato, President and CEO of Bookoff Corporation, among others.

Clicking the following photo will lead you to the whole newspaper article of the Japan Times.


* Endorsement from John Grinder, a co-founder of NLP:

The following are a message from John Grinder, and a video clip showing his endorsement for Guhen.

“I have had the strange and marvelous experience of working with Guhen Taiten Kitaoka for over 20 years. In the past, Taiten coordinated the design and presentation of a number of courses in Japan with myself and Ms. Carmen Bostic. His ability to think outside the box is excellent and his deep knowledge of both Western and Eastern philosophies gives an enormous depth and breadth to his understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is qualified in both Classic Code and New Code NLP and has a long history of provoking, stimulating and guiding his students to an operational competency with respect to the patterns of both.”

* Endorsement from Tarka King, a cousin of Sir Winston Churchill:

“It gives me great pleasure to write to you about my good friend Mr. Guhen Kitaoka.

I have known Mr. Kitaoka well for several years. Mr. Kitaoka has been a frequent guest at my family home, Castle Leslie, to which he has brought a number of Japanese intellectuals and dignatories. I understand that the principal interest of the visiting academics was the fact that I am a cousin of Sir Winston Churchill,and at the castle we have a large archive, and a great deal of personal memorabilia at one time owned by him.

In December 1990, I travelled to Japan with Mrs. Paton, her brother and Mr. Kitaoka, at the invitation of the Japanese government, to a number of cultural events. We were accompanied at all times by Mr. Kitaoka, whose humour, integrity and diligence made the visit a great success.

I cannot recommend Mr. Kitaoka more highly. He has, over the years, been a firm friend to whom I have introduced my family and a wide circle of friends.

Yours sincerely,

Tarka Leslie King

* Endorsement from Guy Clutterbuck:

24th January 2023

To whom it may concern.

Mr Guhen Taiten Kitaoka has been known to me for some thirty years.

During that time he has proved himself to be a man of the highest integrity and loyalty, offering advice and counsel to many distinguished people here in the United Kingdom.

As not only a counsellor but a friend he has offered his advice and helpful suggestions to me during the lockdown period of Covid 19. We have had a mutually beneficial conversation each Sunday for several years and I can say with some assurance that I perceive Mr Guhen as a man of vision and above all honesty, both professionally and personally.

Yours faithfully,

Guy A Clutterbuck
13 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
“Mine Kings, National Geographic” (
“The making of Henry VIII’s Crown” ( 7:45 〜 8:20)

Video Clips

The following video clips show Guhen’s presentations at his past workshops held in English, as well as his online dialogues with an English speaking coach/NLP trainer.

* Extracts from the videos filmed at the EPM (Expansive Psychology Method) workshops:

    (From workshop #1 held in August 2018, 9 min.)
    (From workshop #1 held in August 2018, 7 min.)
    (From workshop #2 held in September 2018, 18 min.)
    (From workshop #4 held in November 2018, 50 min.)
    (From workshop #4 held in November 2018, 36 min.)

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