“Metapsychology” Declaration!

Latest Info 1: On the basis of his career as an NLP senior trainer/life coach for more than 30 years, Guhen Kitaoka recently founded the “Metapsychology Method”, as an evolved version of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and has been offering private Zoom sessions to his clients as an “innovation modeling consultant”. Also, his consultancy service is now called “Innovation Modeling Consultancy”.

Latest Info 2: Please be reminded that, as you will know on this page, although Guhen has been successfully able to model the differences between the mindsets of “West Coast Culture” people and Japanese people, and has made the result of this modeling process of his explicit as a learnable set of techniques, so that Japanese people may create innovative enterprises like GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), this modeling process and the set of original techniques devised by him as its offspring will not fail to be of great use to Westerners as well, precisely because they make what they have been doing in a totally unconscious way explicit and conscious, so that they may become “still more innovative”.

Guhen Kitaoka, who is an Innovation Modeling Consultant, has been using the names “Kitaoka-style NLP”, “Kitaoka Method”, “Satori Management”, “Metaculture”, “GAFA-Japan” and others for his work in the past, but recently he decided that the best designation for his work is “Metapsychology”.

This naming is particularly important because 1) Facebook has recently changed its name to “Meta” and 2) historically, at the time of its inception in 1975, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) did not yet have an official name and the common name “meta-psychology” (or “meta-method”) was used as the designation of the school (this fact can be confirmed in the 1980 classic NLP introduction book, “Magic of NLP”, which Guhen translated into Japanese (see the foreword of the book)).

For example, Guhen often heard that IT people in Japan, in general, cannot give a right answer to the typical question “What is the source of Silicon Valley culture?”, while, in the West, it is a well-known fact that the answer is “It is the ‘counterculture’ or ‘hippie culture’”.

Furthermore, not many Japanese seem to have in mind the fact that the headquarters of “GAFA” (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) are (or were) all based on the West Coast (in fact, Microsoft, the last company in the recent neologism “GAFAM”, and even Starbucks, are all enterprises that originated on the West Coast).

So, while it is an undeniable fact that the source of GAFA culture is “West Coast culture” (almost synonymous with “counterculture”), NLP, which was born in Santa Cruz, near Silicon Valley, in 1975 (that is, at the height of West Coast culture), can be defined as “psychology epitomizing West Coast culture”.

For Guhen, who used to live in Europe and in the States for some twenty years, studying and practising US-born NLP, the claim that “the source (at least part of it) of GAFA is NLP” is nothing exaggerated, but for those in Japan who are not versed in the background and history of the corporate culture of the West Coast referred to on this page, it may seem nothing but an “out-of-the-blue, selfish megalomania”.

Under these circumstances, Guhen has decided to call the work that is the culmination of his work “Metapsychology” from now on, so that the fact that “the source of GAFA is NLP” may be widely known. For this purpose, we have applied for the registration of the trademarks “Metapsychology” and “Metapsychologist”.

“Metapsychology” can encompass all the connotations of the names Guhen has been using so far, as described above, but another fact should be pointed out here; according to Guhen’s intensive research over the past 40 years or so, NLP and Vedanta, as a branch of Indian philosophy, claim almost the same things. In particular, it is extremely significant to know that NLP’s “Meta” and Vedanta’s “Witness (Observer)” are completely synonymous.

Guhen believes that the degree to which the majority of Japanese are unaware of the content of this page is directly proportional to the degree to which they have not been able to create GAFA-level enterprises. At the same time, he is of the opinion that the possibility of creating GAFA-level enterprises in Japan will increase at an accelerated pace by learning the contents of this page through experience, and by studying and mastering NLP, which is the “source of GAFA”, as well as “Metapsychology”, which is an evolved version of NLP, as presented by Guhen.

Guhen is the only trainer in Japan who can teach “genuine NLP” from the perspective of “Metapsychology”, and enable his clients to experience “its other-dimensionness”.

(Incidentally, it has been nearly 50 years since the inception of NLP in 1975, so Guhen thinks that it may be “about time” that a discipline beyond NLP can be born.

In this context, Guhen came to recognize the so-called “limitations of NLP”, after working in the certification business for 12 years since he came back to Japan in 2001, and offering life coaching private sessions since 2013 (the implication being that NLP may not achieve its intended effect when applied to people who have not been influenced by West Coast culture).

After this recognition of his, Guhen has been working over the past several years to resolve precisely these “limitations of NLP”, with the aim of creating a new way of working, such as “RPG Game”, “Mandala Fractal Reengineering (MFR)”, “Alice in Mirrorland”, “Meta Meta Work”, “Peak Experience Experiencing Work”, “Ataraxia Work”, “Space Between Stimulus and Response”, etc., which have been developed by Guhen himself as a series of brand-new techniques.

Guhen personally believes that, in order to “practice NLP and get great effects from it”, as in the case of Westerners, it is necessary to “learn” these Guhen’s originally developed “basic techniques” in advance, and that “Metapsychology” is a “new study” that has further evolved/updated NLP in Guhen’s style.)

In other words, Guhen is of the firm opinion that the set of these new techniques devised by himself is like the OS (operational system) on which various software programs (e.g., NLP techniques) can function in the most effective and efficient way.

In conclusion, those who learn “Metapsychology” will be able to upgrade their traditional Japanese “Wa (Harmony)” thinking patterns to the thinking processes that propelled GAFA to world-class enterprises.

This will enable you, through “Metapsychology, to produce pioneers and innovators of the Japanese version of GAFA (“GAFA-Japan”) who can play an active role in the world. Metapsychology will help to clarify the reasons why Japanese people, who are recognised by the world as having excellent potential, have been left behind by the rest of the world, and will break for the first time the nearly 80 year old seal imposed to Japan during the post-war period.

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